What We Teach

Double Star Defense, LLC offers several courses.  We offer our own Double Star Defense Ohio CCW Course, which utilizes many of the training materials contained in the United States Concealed Carry Association's CCW course.  This course will satisfy Ohio law so that you may apply for an Ohio CCW permit.  The class is $95 per student .  We also offer the NRA Phase II Course, which is required to finished your NRA Basic Pistol training and will also satisfy Ohio law so that you may apply for an Ohio CCW permit.  The cost of this course is also $95.  Double Star Defense is proud to offer the NRA Personal Protection In The Home Course, which is the next logical step in your firearms training.  You will spend much more time on the range in this advanced course that is designed to improve your  ability to fire from alternate shooting positions and from behind cover or concealment.  This course includes training time in  "The Hall", which is a live fire exercise designed to simulate a residential hallway.  Cost of this course is $100 per student .  We also offer Double Star Defense  Tune-up and Range Practice.  This is a  $25, 200-round, 2-hour  tune-up on skills such as  firearm safety, shooting fundamentals, shooting from uncommon positions, holster work,  sight picture and aiming, residential searches, flashlight techniques, drawing from concealment,  reloading on the run, malfunction drills, and transition to alternate weapons such as the shotgun or AR-15 rifle.  We now offer  our Double Star Defense Church Security Course.  This course includes a  $200 Church Security Audit and Assessment that we schedule with your leadership.  We then spend a full day with your church security team at your facility to conduct a 3-phase training schedule, which includes a classroom portion on tactics and strategies, a scenario-based phase throughout your facility, and a live-fire phase at our range to put all of your training into practice.  See our "What We Teach" page for pricing details.